BigWin Welcome Offer

First Month


Revenue Share

Earn an Amazing 60% during the first month.

Introductory Offer

Second Month


Revenue Share

Enjoy a 55% revenue share in your second month.

On Going


Revenue Share

Keep earning up to 50% from month 3 onwards.

*based on the number of new real money players you refer each month.

Join our affiliate scheme

Open a new affiliate account, and benefit from these amazing net revenue share percentages:

  • Earn 60% revenue share in month 1
  • Earn 55% revenue share in month 2
  • Earn base revenue of up to 50%* from month 3 onwards, where you will revert to our Standard Commission Structure

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You can learn more by reading our Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions.

Standard Commission Structure.

The commission is worked out as a percentage of NGR and calculated over a calendar month.

Each month the % you earn is based on the number of new depositing players sent in that month as per the following table.


New Players Per Month Commission % of NGR
0 – 9 New Players 30%
10 – 19 New Players 35%
20 – 29 New Players 40%
30 – 39 New Players 45%
40 + New Players 50%