Here are some common questions about BWA.

Getting Started

So exactly what is an Affiliate Program?
Simple – it’s a way that you, as an online merchant can get compensated for any sales generated by us, from traffic you send our way from your own marketing activities. We become partners and you earn money from the traffic you send to us, whether that traffic is generated offline or online.
How can I become an Affiliate?
Simply sign up on our website to become a BigWin Affiliate . After that we will send you an e-mail with a confirmation link to click. Once we get that we can get working – if you have a web site we will need to take a quick look at it and approve it. After that, and once you’ve confirmed your e-mail address , you can log into our marketing tools section and get the links and tools you need from there.
What are the costs if I choose to become an affiliate?
Great news – there aren’t any! Join BigWin Affiliates for free and make money by promoting our Casino Brands.


What kind of support do you offer?
If you have any questions , send them to [email protected]  When you sign up at Big Win Affiliates you will be assigned your own personal affiliate manager. Most of the time you can contact your personal affiliate manager via Skype.
Can I request different marketing tools?
Yes, of course, we can’t always promise everything but we will get you what we can, within reason! We can adjust and amend existing marketing tools or create your own bespoke banners. Any requests for this will need to be sent to [email protected]  The availability of this collateral will be dependent on availability of our team.
What about real time statistics?
Clicks and views will be presented to you in real-time (with a maximum delay of 5 minutes)  Some other useful data (like NRC, NDC, Deposits and Net Revenue) will be updated once a day at 06:00 CET for the day before.
What about a sub-affiliate program?
Please contact your affiliate manager directly if you wish to refer sub-affiliates.


When do I get paid?

Your payments for your previous month will be processed no later than on the 15th business day of the next month, provided that the payment is £/€300 or higher. Please note, if the amount owed to you is lower than the minimum threshold it will be rolled over to the following month.

How do I get paid?

We offer the following payment methods for you to choose from depending on where you are based: PayPal or bank transfer. Our default payment currency is GBP so if you require an alternative currency to be paid in, please ensure to make your Affiliate Manager aware to prevent any possible delays with your payment. 

So what if my monthly balance ends in the negative?
Sometimes it’s possible that the players you refer to us will win overall for the month and the net revenue figure for that customer ends up with a negative balance. So if the player wins, and you end up with a minus net revenue at the end of the month , it does mean that you won’t earn any commission for that month…but… the good news is that we won’t carry over that negative balance to the next month, meaning that you will start the new month with a fresh start.